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Beth A. Montelone

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Ph.D. 1982, University of Rochester
Molecular Genetics

DNA metabolism, including DNA repair, replication, genetic recombination, and mutagenesis.


117B Eisenhower Hall, (785) 532-6900

Beth Montelone's Home Page
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Selected Research and Education Publications

Montelone, B.A., D.A. Rintoul, and L.G. Williams. 2008. Assessment of the effectiveness of the studio format in student learning in introductory undergraduate biology. CBE—Life Sciences Education 7: 234-242.

R.A. Dyer and B.A. Montelone. 2007. An institutional approach to establishing professional networks. In: Transforming Science and Engineering, A. J. Stewart, J. E. Malley, and D. Lavaque, eds, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press; pp. 48-61.

B.A. Montelone. 2007. Initiatives to Increase Faculty Competitiveness for Federal Research Funding. In: Future Directions for Federal Research Funding, Merrill Series on The Research Mission of Public Universities, Merrill Advanced Studies Center, University of Kansas.

Rochelle, P.A., S.J. Upton, B.A. Montelone, and K. Wood.  2005.  The response of Cryptosporidium parvum to UV lightTrends Parasitol. 21: 81-87.

Rochelle, P.A., D. Fallar, M.M. Marshall, B.A. Montelone, S. Upton, and K. Wood.  2004.  Irreversible UV inactivation of Cryptosporidium spp. despite the presence of UV repair genesJ. Eukayot. Microbiol. 51: 553-562.

Spears, J.D., R.A. Dyer, S.E. Franks, and B.A. Montelone.  2004.  Building a network to support girls and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  J. Women Minor. Sci. Engg. 10: 161-177.

Montelone, B.A., R.A. Dyer, and D.J. Takemoto.  2003.  A mentoring program for female and minority faculty members in the sciences and engineering:  effectiveness and status after nine years J. Women Minor. Sci. Eng. 9: 259-271.

Petrik, D.T., A. Iseli, B.A. Montelone, J.L.Van Etten, and R. J. Clem.  2003.  Improving baculovirus resistance to UV inactivation: increased virulence resulting from expression of a DNA repair enzyme J. Invert. Pathol. 82: 50-56.


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